Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to show Item Name / Number on Printing form when Display Name is set for Item

To make sure Item Name / Number is always shown on Printing form:

1) Create new Transaction Line Field
- Open Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Transaction Line Fields > New
- Check Sale Item under Applies To, so that the field is applied on Sales Transactions (including Estimates)
- Under Display, keep Display Type = Normal (otherwise the field would not be available for Printing)
- Under Sourcing & Filtering, set Source List = Item and Source From = Name
- Uncheck Store Value, so that the column is sourced every time
- Save

2) Modify Estimate Transaction Form used for Estimates
- Open  Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms
- Find correct Estimate form, click Edit (or Customize if using default Transaction Form)
- In Sublist Fields > find the new column Field created in step 1 and uncheck "Show"
- In Printing Fields > Columns make sure "Show" is checked for the new Column Field
- Adjust order of Columns under Printing Fields as needed
- Save

As the Custom Column Field is added for all Sales transactions, it is important to review all Sales Transaction Forms (Opportunity, Sales Order, Item Fulfillment, Invoice, Cash Sale, Estimate) and adjust these forms appropriately.
Note: Above steps are applicable only if the Printing Type is set to Basic.

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