Saturday, April 6, 2019

Locate a Saved Search that is Available as List View in the View Dropdown of a Particular List

1. Edit Saved Search : Contact View
2. Rename Search Title (E.g. Administrator New List)
3. Click Save.
4. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Contacts
5. Footer area > View dropdown > search for Administrator New List.


  • Administrator will now able to find newly created Contact Saved Search called Administrator New List.
  • Basically what is happening is if it is a Contact view and you named the contact search Contact View, in the available lists view the search only shows up as View. The system drops the word Contact. But the search is still there.
  • This is the same for a customer view. In the available list view on a customer list (Lists > Relationships > Customer), the customer search named Customer View will show up as View only. The system drops the word Customer.
  • Another alternate solution is to rename Contact View to All Capital (E.g. CONTACT VIEW).  This will surpass system design of omitting such words.
  • Proper way of naming a Saved Search is not currently specified in Help Center : Defining a Saved Search, thus it is recommended not to use such method of naming convention.

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