Sunday, April 28, 2019

Invoice > Make Copy > Change Currency > Save > An Unexpected Error has occurred

To illustrate :

a. Sales Order 1001 and Invoice 5001 has Currency of Euro

b. User needs to make a copy of the Euro Invoice and change the Currency to US Dollar or to any currency other than Euro

What are the effects of making a copy of Invoice 5001?

  • If user will use the same currency, the Invoice will be saved and will be linked to Sales Order 1001.
  • If user will use US Dollar or another currency, User will get an unexpected error because the currency of the Sales Order should also be the same as the Invoice Currency. This is not allowed so a stand alone copy must be created.


1. View the Invoice 5001.

2. Navigate to More Actions>Make Stand Alone Copy.

3. Change the Currency set.

4. Click Save.

User should now be able to save the copied Invoice.

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