Saturday, April 20, 2019

Items Pending Receipt Saved Search

Currently, there is no standard report that will generate a list of items pending receipt. We have logged Enhancement Requests for that ability.
Enhancement 97038: Items Pending Receipt report (on open purchase orders)
Enhancement 59229: Reports> please add an Items Pending Receipt report.

Alternate Solution is to create a Saved Transaction Search:
1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Transaction.
2. Search Title: Items Pending Receipt
3. On the Criteria Tab, enter the below Filters:
-Type: is Purchase Order.
-Status: is any of Purchase Order:Pending Receipt, Purchase Order:Partially Received, Purchase Order:Pending Billing/Partially Received.
-Main Line: is false.
-Formula (Numeric) > Formula: ({quantity}-NVL({quantityshiprecv},0)) > Value is greater than 0.
4. On the Results Tab, enter the below Fields.
-Vendor Fields...> Name.
-Formula (Numeric) > Formula: NVL({quantityshiprecv},0) > Custom Label: Quantity Fulfilled/Received.
-Item Rate
-Formula (Numeric) > Formula: ({quantity}-NVL({quantityshiprecv},0)) > Custom Label: Pending Receipt Quantity
-Formula (Numeric) > Formula: ({quantity}-NVL({quantityshiprecv},0))*{rate} > Custom Label: Pending Receipt Amount/Value
5. Click Save & Run Button.

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