Saturday, April 20, 2019

Write check to customer for overpayment then apply to customer balance

If the check was written in Transactions > Bank > Write Checks it will not be affecting your A/R account and so will not affect the balance in the Financial tab of the customer account.

To correct the balance:

  1. Create a Journal Entry: Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries
    • Debit the A/R account for the amount of the check
    • Put the customers name in the Name column
    • Credit an account according to the company
  2. Accept Customer Payment:
    • Transactions > Accept Customer Payments
    • Select the Customer
    • In the Apply tab: Invoices subtab select the Journal Entry
    • In the Apply tab: Credits subtab select the Payment

The balance will be accurate and the journal entry will be attached to the overpayment.

Note: This should only be used if the check has already been issued without using the refund method process. Normal Process would be to use Issue Refund to customer.

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