Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lead Source Analysis Report is not updated - change Lead Source for Lead/Prospect/Customer records


Leads are companies or individuals who represent potential Customers. In NetSuite, Leads are the first step in the sales cycle that progresses to Prospect and then to Customer. The user can create a new Lead and set the Lead Source under the Marketing subtab on the Record. 

The user might realize that the Lead Source of Lead, Prospect or Customer entered on the Lead record is not correct and would like to change it. There is an option to go to Edit mode on the records and change the Lead Source under Marketing subtab. When the Lead Source is changed for the record which is already in Prospect or Customer stage, the change is not displayed in the Lead Source Analysis Report.

The report will only show the Lead Source of an entity status of the Lead Source entered during the Lead stage. 

The Leads included in this report represent: 

1. Records that were originally entered as leads during the time period selected 

2. Records that have had a lead status that is set to be included in reports 

3. Records entered as Prospect or Customer records during this time period are not included in this report. 

If the user wants to show the Lead Source for those records that show incorrect Lead Source on the  Lead Source Analysis Report, the user needs to edit the records then set the status back to Lead stage first. Then the Lead Source value needs to be entered before saving. Then the user can edit the record back to its current status (Prospect/Customer).

If the user needs to change the Lead Source for Prospect/Customer record following steps can be done:

1. Go to Lists > Relationships > Prospects/Customers
2. Find the Prospect/Customer record need to be changed the Lead Source for and click Edit
3. Change the Prospect/Customer status into Lead status
4. Change the Lead Source to the proper one (under Marketing subtab) and Save it
5. Edit the record once again and change the status into Prospect/Customer and Save it

The Lead Source Analysis Report under Reports > Marketing will display proper Lead Source data for all records - Leads, Prospects, Customers.

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