Saturday, April 13, 2019

Low number of Campaign Email Recipients Due to the Duplication of Email Addresses

The email of the Marketing Campaign is sent to 1 email addressper 1 group. If there are duplicated email addresses in one Target Group,NetSuite only sends it once. The record that stores the Campaign and receivesthe email is the one that got created earliest.

The duplicates are based on the exactly same email address,not only the domain.
Example: and email addresses are not duplicates and NetSuite sends email to both ofthem, if the addresses are valid.

Scenario: Marketing Campaign is sent to multiple target groups.

  •  Group A > Contact1:
  •  Group B > Contact2:
  •  Group C > Contact3: and Contact 4:

Result: Recipient with the email address receives 3 emails fromthe campaign

  • 1 email for Group A
  • 1 email for Group B 
  • 1 email for Group C

The campaignis sent to only 1 Email Address per 1 Group, so even if Group C has 2contacts, it sends the email only once per unique Email Address.

The response statistics of Marketing Campaign are displayedin Campaign Response Report. To see more information about the MarketingCampaign please navigate to Reports > Marketing > Campaign Response >Summary/Detail.

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