Friday, April 12, 2019

Report for Sales by Customers from a Certain Category

To create a Report that shows all Sales generated from Customers within a specific Category, customize a built-in report:

1. Navigate to Reports>Sales>Sales by Customer.
2. Click Customize on the bottom left.
3. Specify a Name for the report.
4. Click Edit Columns.
5. On the Add Fields section:
    a. Click the Customer/Project folder
    b. Click Customer Category and click Name
6. Click Filters.
7. On the Add Fields section:
    a. Click the Customer/Project folder
    b. Click Customer Category and click Name
8. On the Choose Filters section, under the Value column:
    a. Filter: equal to
    b. Click the Icon on to select multiple categories
    c. Add all the Categories then click Done

    d. Check Show in Filter Region checkbox
9. Click Save.

The report can be accessed from Reports>Saved Reports.

Note: To pull up all Sales from Customers without Categories, modify the report above and on the Filters step 8.a, instead of equal to, change it to empty.  Click Save As to create the new report.

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