Thursday, April 18, 2019

Print Item Name/Number instead of Display Name on Price Lists

A. Create a custom item field:
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields Item Fields > New.
2. Enter a name in the Label field.
3. Check the item types applicable on Applies To tab.
4. Check the Print on Price List.
5. Save.
B. Create a Workflow using Workflow Manager that will copy the value of the standard Item Name/Number field to the Custom Item Name field(from step A).
1. Navigate to Customization > Workflow Workflows > New.
2. Enter a value for the Name field. (Ex. Custom Item Name Workflow)
3. Select Item in the Record Type field. (Select Sub Types applicable)
4. Check Execute as Admin check box.
5. Check Enable Logging check box. (optional)
6. Set the Release Status to Released.
7. Under Event Definition, check On Create and On Update check boxes.
8. Click Save.
9. Click the New State button on the Diagram section.
10. Enter a value for the Name field. (Ex. Set Custom Item Name)
11. Save.
12. Click the Set Custom Item Name state under the Diagram section.
13. Click New Action button on Workflow State section.
14. Click Set Field Value.
15. Select Custom Item Name (custom field from A) in the Field drop down under Parameters.
16. Click the From Field radio button in the Value section.
17. Record field should be Current Record by default. Select Name in the Field drop down below Record field.
18. Click Save.
Result: Every time a new item is created or an existing item is edited, the value of the Custom Item Name is set based on the value of the standard Item Name field.

Note: The new custom field will be blank for existing item unless you update each record. If you need to update multiple items, you need to create a saved search that contains the cases with Custom Item Name is empty . Then either perform Inline Editing or CSV import or edit the Workflow using the following steps:
1. Click the Scheduled radio button.
2. Select the item saved search in the Saved Search field.
3. Save.
Check the result of your saved search after an hour. If the search result is already empty, you may update the workflow to use Event Based Initiation (same settings as described in step B).

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