Thursday, April 18, 2019

User Cannot View Links/Pages Which Permission Were Recently Added to the Role

  • Administrator added a new permission, e.g. Reconcile permission, to Role A
  • User A uses Classic Interface (Home > Set Preferences > Appearance tab > User Classic Interface = T)
  • When user hovers over the Transactions tab in NetSuite, the link for Bank is missing. With the added permission, user should be able to navigate to the following links but both are unavailable:
    • Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank Statement
    • Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Credit Card Statement

To resolve this, user can perform any or all of the following steps until thenavigational paths appear:

1. Log out of NetSuite and back in.

2. Clear browser's cache, cookies and history.

3. Try a different browser.

4. Toggle from Classic Center to the role's center, and then back to Classic
   a. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences.
   b. Under Appearance tab, uncheck Use Classic Interface.
   c. Click Save.
   d. Open random pages while in the role's center, in this example,open the Reconcile Bank Statement page by going to Customers > Other Lists> Reconcile Bank Statement.
   e. Switch back to Classic Interface by going to Home > SetPreferences > Appearance tab > User Classic Interface = T.
   f. Click Save.

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