Saturday, May 11, 2019

Automatically Set Case Type on Case Records Based on the Inbound Email Address Used via Workflow

Consider the following scenario:


- There are multiple Inbound Email Addresses
- Each Inbound Email Address has a corresponding Case Type
- For example:


Case Type = Customer Service for cases created through
Case Type = Sales for cases created through
Case Type = Question for cases created through


To create the Workflow:


1. Navigate to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New
2. Enter a Name, for example, 'Set Case Type'
3. Set Record Type = Case
4. Set Execute as Admin = True
5. Set Release Status = Released
6. Set Initiation = Event Based
7. In the Event Definition section, set On Create = True
8. Set Trigger Type = Before Record Load
9. Click Save
10. Click New State
11. Click Save
12. Click New Action
13. Select Set Field Value
14. Set Trigger On = Before Record Load
15. In the Parameters section, set Field = Case Type
16. In the Value section, mark Formula and enter the following:


CASE WHEN {inboundemail} = '' THEN 'Customer Service' WHEN '' THEN 'Sales' ELSE 'Question' END

17. Click Save

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