Sunday, May 5, 2019

Create Monthly Event by SuiteScript

This article shows how to create an event by SuiteScript, which occurs every month on a particular day of the month.

The following fields are required for the monthly recurrence pattern:

  • frequency
  • period
  • start date

The internal id of the Event record is calendarevent. An event record can be created by SuiteScript like below:

	var newEventRec = nlapiCreateRecord('calendarevent');
The value required for the frequency field is MONTH. It can be set like below:
	newEventRec.setFieldValue('frequency', 'MONTH')
The value required for the period field is 1, where 1 stands for 'every'.
	newEventRec.setFieldValue('period', '1');
An example of how to set the startdate to the current date is the following:
	var date = new Date();  	newEventRec.setFieldValue('startdate', nlapiDateToString(date));
The setFieldValue() method can be used to populate other fields according to the used form and once this is completed, the record can be submitted:
	var newEventRecId = nlapiSubmitRecord(newEventRec);

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