Sunday, May 5, 2019

Unexpected Error when Installing a Bundle which Contains a Report

Prerequisite for the described scenario is a saved report, which contains a reference to a custom field.

When the saved report is added to a bundle, the custom field is not added by NetSuite to the bundle as well. This can be seen on the Set Preference page of the Bundle Builder, when looking at the contents of the bundle, as well as in the components tab of the Bundle Details page when attempting to install the bundle.

In order to avoid errors it is necessary that the user adds the custom field to the bundle as well. For example, when attempting to install the bundle on a different account, an unexpected error will be encountered due to the missing custom field.

Alternatively, a custom field with the same setup (including the internal id) can be created on the target account and the installation of the bundle will succeed.

Removing the report from the bundle can be used as a last resort in order to successfully install the bundle, but without the report.

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