Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Edit Item(s) in Billed Sales Order and Create Correct Invoice Record


v There is no change in transaction amount.

v Correct item was shipped to the customer.

v Cash Sale is used when Sales Order was billed.


Below are the steps to correct the order as well as the invoice records.

Void or Delete the Cash Sale:

1.       Navigate to the Cash Sale record and copy the P/N Ref. and/or Auth. Code in the Billing tab to a notepad or word.

2.       Delete the Cash Sale record.

Edit the Sales Order and Bill:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order and click Edit button.
  2. Change the item(s).
  3. Go ahead and Bill this order.
  4. In the New Cash Sale, go to Billing tab and complete the required field in the Payment sub tab.

*Make sure to copy the P/N Ref. and/or Auth. Code saved in the notepad in the corresponding fields.

  1. Set Credit Card Approved = True.

*This will ensure that we will not be charging again the customer. Instead, we have used the payment record or credit card transaction previously processed in the old cash sale by copying the P/N Ref. and/or Auth Code.

  1. Set Charge Credit Card = False.
  2. Click Save.


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