Monday, May 6, 2019

Record is Unavailable Due to Error: "Workflow Execution Usage Limit Exceeded"

The record is not accessible and the error message occurs: "Workflow Execution Usage Limit Exceeded"

Issue details
The Error message is related to Workflow Governance. The total number of units available across all workflows for a record type (for a given triggered event) is 10,000 units. For more information see General Workflow Issues

Once a Workflow is running on the record, it can be cancelled by pressing "Cancel" under the record > System Information tab > Workflow > Active Workflows.
Since the record is not accessible in this scenario, the only option is to find the running Workflow and change its settings.

How to figure out the active Workflow state:
- Create a Saved Search for the unavailable record and add current Workflow State as a new column to the Results tab.

Then take one of the following actions:
1. Check the actions in the running workflow state. Make sure that the number of actions in each state do not exceed the 1000 unit usage limit.
2. Check for an infinite loop. For example, if you have a workflow that transitions from State 1 to State 2, and then from State 2 back to State 2 more than 50 consecutive times, the system identifies it as an infinite loop and a throws the "Workflow Execution Usage Limit Exceeded" error.

- Inactivating the entire Workflow helps when a record is not in active Workflow state.
- Inactivating all Workflow actions in active Workflow state is neccesary if a record is in active Workflow state.

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