Monday, May 6, 2019

Saved Search that displays the first time a Forecast Type is changed and how many times it changed on an Opportunity

The Default Forecast Type can be set via: Setup > Sales > Sales Preferences.

Changes on the Forecast Types can affect Forecasting reports.  Tracking down changes on the Forecast Type allows
the user to determine the changes on the Forecast report values (e.g. changing from Omitted to Most Likely will increase the Most Likely Calculated amounts).

To create the Saved Search:
1. Navigate to Lists>Search>Saved Searches>New
2. Specify a Search Title
3. Mark checkboxes as needed
4. On the Criteria tab >Standard subtab, add the following Criteria
    a. System Notes fields...: Type : Change
    b. System Notes fields...: Old Value : Omitted  (this will limit the search to changes on Omitted statuses)
    c. Add additional filters as needed
5. On the Results tab >Columns subtab, add the following Fields along with the Summary Type
    a. Number : Group
    b. Sales Rep : Group
    c. Customer : Group
    d. Opportunity Status : Group
    e. System Notes fields...: New Value : Count (this is to count how many times the value changed)
    f. System Notes fields...: Date : Minimum (this will reflect the first time the value changed
    g. System Notes fields...: Set By : Group (this will display who changed the forecast type)
    h. Click Save

Note: The Old Value can be changed to the Forecast Type that the User wants to track.

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