Friday, May 10, 2019

Saved Search To Check For Related Transactions for an Item with No GL Impact During Item Fulfillment

This search will list all transactions for a non-drop ship item with no GL impact relative to the item fulfilment date to help identify unit costs and any back dated transactions

Sometimes running an inventory valuation report to check on the item history may take longer to run and this can save time.

1. Navigate to
Reports > New Search > select Transaction.
2. Click on the
Create Saved Search button
3. Edit the Search Title
4. At the
Criteria tab > Standard subtab, enter the following filters:
---a. Posting – at the pop up select Yes
---b. Date – at the pop us select is on XXXXX (enter the date of the item fulfilment with 0 GL impact)
---c. Main Line – at the pop up select No
---d. Item fields… then select Name – at the pop up select is XXXX (enter the item name you want to check)

5. At the
Results tab > Columns subtab, include the following fields --
---a.  Date
--- b. Type
---c. Number
---d. Name
---e. Amount
---f. Item Rate
---g. Date Created

6. At the
Available Filters tab, include the following filters:
---a. Item Name…. Fields – check the Show in Footer box

---b. Date – check the Show in Footer box

7. Hit
Save and Run.

Note: Running this search will help you identify all transactions for an item at the particular date and show item rate changes as recorded per transaction.  This will also show you any backdated transaction (Date vs. Date Created) which may have affected Cost of Goods Recalculation.

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