Sunday, June 30, 2019

Create a Saved Search to Display invoices with Different Ship to Address and "End User" Ship to Address

1.    Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches > All Saved Searches> New

2.    Choose Search Type "Transaction"

3.    At the Criteria tab, set the following:





Is Invoice

Main Line

Is true

Formula (Numeric)

Is 1

Case When {shipaddress} != {custbody_end_user_default_ship_address} then 1 else 0 end


Depends on the date range that the users need for the report.

4.    At The Results tab, there are already default fields. However, users may add other Results fields needed for their report. Add the following:

o End User Default Shipping Address (Custom)

o Shipping Address

Note: This report is useful for Avatax purposes if users need to export to Microsoft Excel the End User Ship to Address found in the Invoice.

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