Sunday, June 30, 2019

Determine the Source of Revaluation Amounts and Variables


Currency Revaluations are computed based on the Foreign Currency amount outstanding as of the Period/Date selected on the revaluation page.

To compute for the Foreign Currency Amount used as the basis for the computation of the Revaluation Gain or Loss:

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Balance Sheet.

2. Click on the Amount beside the account that user is referencing.

3. On the Balance Sheet Detail page, click on Customize.

4. Under the Financial Report Builder>Edit Columns link, expand the Financial Folder.

5. Select Amount (Foreign Currency)

6. Look for the Currency subfolder and select Name.

7. Click Preview.

8. On the Custom Balance Sheet Detailed Report, set the Date Range from the first Period/Date of the Company up to the Date/Period that revaluation was ran.

9. As a result, all transactions in the account selected will be exposed together with the Foreign Currency equivalent and the Name of the Foreign Currency.

10. Export the Report to Excel.

11. Manipulate the data by setting a filter on each column.

12. After setting the filter, select the transactions that are in Foreign Currency using the Name filter.

Note: The sum of the transactions in Foreign Currency only is the basis of the Currency Revaluation.






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