Sunday, June 30, 2019

GST34 worksheet : Where does the system gets the value for Sales/Purchases GST adjustment ( Box 104 and 107)

GST34 Worksheet sales/purchases tax adjustment box 104 and 107 values are sourced from non- sales /purchases transaction that hits the GST ledger accounts but do not have tax code associated with it ( for example Journal entries).

-- To verify the amount on GST34 worksheet box 104 and 107, Create a non sales/purchase transaction save search:

1.List> Search> Save Searches> New

2. Select Transaction

3. On Criteria tab, set the following filters:

Type = Journal (or include any non sales / purchase records)

Date = select a the same date range selected on GST34 worksheet

( For OneWorld account : add Subsidiary = Canada Subsidiary )

Account = Select the GST/HST ledger accounts

4. On results column, ensure you have the following columns results

Amount Debit

Amount Credit


5. Rename search

6. Save and run

Total net amount posting to GST Sales/Purchase ledger accounts from the saved search match the amount showing on GST34 worksheet Box 104 and box 107 value.

To avoid values showing on these boxes for GST34 worksheet, enter adjustment entries through sales /purchases record and assign appropriate tax code to calculate the tax amount to post on GST ledgers

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