Sunday, June 16, 2019

Customer Receiving Unexpected Error when Adding a Nexus to a Subsidiary

Whenever a user adds a Nexus to a Subsidiary record, there is an automatic creation of Shadow Tax Agency. These are parents or children of tax agencies in another subsidiary. These are usually the default Tax Agency created by the system for the Nexus, though this may be replaced manually by any desired Tax vendor.

In case a user encounters an Unexpected Error when adding a Nexus to a Subsidiary, they should check whether the original Tax Agency, which is the shadow Tax Agency, has a long Vendor ID. 

In order to correct this, consider working on the following steps:

1. Navigate to Lists > Relationships >Vendor > Search

2. Set the Category = Tax Agency

3. The result will filter all your available Tax Agencies.

4. Edit the default Tax Agency of the Nexus you wish to add, this would usually be the Tax Agency with the Long Vendor ID.

5. Uncheck the Auto box, beside the Vendor ID field

6. Notice that the Vendor ID becomes available for edit.

7. Change the Vendor Name/Vendor Id to a shorter name

e.g.      Before Vendor ID= Tax Agency Texas ( Subsidiary ABC, Inc.- Child Subsidiary)

Change to Vendor ID = Tax Agency TX

8. Click on Save.

Users should now be able to add the Nexus without encountering the Unexpected Error.

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