Friday, June 14, 2019

Customize the Workplace List View

List View of theWorkplaces in NetSuite has the following default columns: 


·         Edit/View

·         InternalID (if preference is enabled)

·         Name

·         Phone

·         City

·         State/Province

·         Country


To customize theworkplace list view, follow the steps below:


A. Create a CustomWorkplace Saved Search


1. Navigateto Lists Search > SavedSearches > New > Workplace

2. Check Availableas List As View box

3. On the Results tab>Columns sub tab> Add/Removefields as needed

4. Click Preview

5. Return to Criteria

6. Rename SearchTitle

7. Save


B. Change theWorkplace List View


1. Navigateto Lists > Employees > Workplaces

2. Select the Viewdropdown and changeit from Default to the Custom Workplace Saved Search created.

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