Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Edit Item Record > Subsidiary = Parent and Include Children = True > Error: The subsidiary restrictions on this record are incompatible with those defined for location: xxx.


·        The customer would like:

·        To edit an existing itemrecords that already has transactions associated with it

·        The item to be availablefor all subsidiaries


·        Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Items

·        Hit Edit on the item

·        Choose the Parent (Root) Subsidiary and mark Include Children as True under the Subsidiary field OR select multiple subsidiaries to associate the item.

·        Hit Save


Error message: The subsidiary restrictions onthis record are incompatible with those defined for location: xxx. Subsidiaryaccess on this record must be a subset of those permitted by the location



·        Preferred Location can only be available for onesubsidiary, having the item available to other subsidiaries would no longerlet those other subsidiaries get the benefit of having that PreferredLocation

·        Location can only beassigned with one subsidiary record



·        User needs tomake sure that both the Location field in the Main Line and the PreferredLocation field (Purchasing/Inventory tab > Locations subtab) are blank before assigning it to all/multiple subsidiaries andsaving the item record.

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