Saturday, June 15, 2019

Mass Update of Aging Estimates to Closed Status via CSV Import

Mass Update of aging Estimates to Closed status is not yet available. Hence, the alternate solution is via CSV Import. Please see steps below:

1. Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New> Click on Transaction.
2. Criteria as below:
  • Status is any of Estimate:Open, Estimate:Expired, Estimate:Voided
  • Main Line is true
  • Type is Estimate
  • Date Created > define the range
3. Results as below:
  • Internal ID
  • Status
  • Estimate/Opportunity Status
4. Enter a Search Title> Click on Save & Run
5. Click on Export - CSV
6. Setup> Import/Export> Import CSV Records
7. Import Type=Transactions; Record Type=Estimate> Select the CSV File> Click on Next
8. Data Handling =Update> Click on Next
9. Mapping as below:
  • Internal ID<>Internal ID
  • Estimate/Opportunity Status<>Status
Notes: Status automatically maps to Status so users need to change the mapping to Estimate/Opportunity Status.  To set a default value on Status, click on the pencil icon. The value should be Closed Lost.

10. Click on Next
11. Enter Import Map Name> Click on Save and Run
12. Click on Refresh until done.


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