Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Reference Checkout: Insert Background Image in Order Summary Section

Note: Applicable to Reference Checkout v2.02.0 Bundle ID 49333

Different background images can be applied to Order Summary section on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages of the web store.

-For applying a background image on the Order Summary section of the Shopping Cart page, follow the steps below:

1.Make sure that all necessary files are copied from Reference Checkout to Custom Checkout.
2.Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet and upload the image file that will be use a background in the 'img' folder of the Custom Checkout
3.On the image file record, copy the file URL that contains your primary domain.
4.Navigate to Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - Checkout > Custom Checkout > templates > shopping_cart > macros
5. Edit file 'shopping_cart_summary_macro.txt' and replace the following code A with code B and Save

Code A:

<div class="well shopping-cart-summary">

Code B:

<div class="well shopping-cart-summary" style="background-image:url('Paste the URL copied in step 3')">

- For applying the background image on the Order Summary section of Checkout page, follow all the steps above except in step 5,edit file 'checkout_cart_summary_macro.txt'

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