Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Restrict Editing of Already Approved Bills for Some Users or Roles

A manager could have a request to restrict editing of already approved bills for some users or roles. This functionality can be achieved by creating a workflow.

  1. As the Administrator go to the Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New.
  2. In the Workflow manager set following:
    • Basic Information:
      • Provide the Name
      • Record Type = Transaction
      • Sub Types = Vendor Bill
      • Execute as Admin = F
      • Enable Logging = F
      • Release Status = Testing (after you finish the testing, you can change the status to Released)
    • Initiation:
      • Event Based = T
    • Event Definition:
      • On Update = T
      • Trigger Type = -All-
      • Condition - here you can set which user or role won't be able to edit already approved bill. Click on the rounded icon and set following criteria:
        • Field = User or User Role; Selection = specific user or user role
        • Field = Status; Selection = Bill: Open
        • Save.
  3. Click on the Save button.
  4. Click on the New State button. Click on the Save button.
  5. Go to the State 1 and click on the New Action button in the Actions sublist.
  6. Select Type = Return User Error.
  7. In the Workflow Action set following:
    • Trigger On = Entry
    • Event type = Edit
    • Provide text of the message which will note user that he has no permission to edit already approved bills.
  8. Click on the Save button.

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