Thursday, June 20, 2019

Saved Search Displaying Number of Line Items on Sales Orders

1. Navigateto Lists > Search > Saved SearchesNew

2. Select Transaction

3. Under Criteria tab > Standardsub tab, add the following filters:

  • Type | is Sales Order
  • Main Line | is False
  • Tax Line | is False
  • Shipping Line | is False
  • Memorized | is False
  • Item: Name | does not contain End of Group

Note: Add thelast criterion if user does not want to count the End of Group line from ItemGroups.

4. In the Resultstab > Columns subtab, add the following fields:

  • Number > Summary Type | Group > Custom Label | Sales Order #. 
  • Item > Summary Type | Group 
  • Line ID > Summary Type | Count > Custom Label | # of Line Item

Note: User canalso set the Summary Type "Count" on the field "Item", but in cases when itemsare added more than once on the sales orders, they will only be counted once,so it is better to count the Line ID.

5. Go to Available Filters tab:

Add Date and checkShow in Filter Region.

Note: Thisshould produce a list of sales order numbers and the number of items on thatsales order. Upon clicking on a sales order number, the search results willdrill down further and the item names of all the items on that sales order canbe viewed.

6. Hit Save & Run.

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