Friday, June 14, 2019

Saved Search Displaying Repeat Customer Purchases and Corresponding Lead Sources

Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Select Transaction.

Criteria Tab > Standard Subtab:

  • Type is Sales Order
  • Main Line is True
  • Lead Source is none of -None-

Criteria Tab > Summary Subtab:

  • Summary type = Count > Field = Number > Description = is greater than 1.

Results tab > Columns subtab:

  • Name > Summary Type = Group.
  • Number > Summary Type = Count.
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Lead Source
  • Add/Remove other fields as desired.

In the Results tab, ensure Sort By is set to Lead Source and Descending is checked on as true.

This will extract a list of customers that have made repeat purchases and the number of sales orders created for them. These are only those sales orders that have a specified lead source on them. Upon clicking on a customer's name, a list of the sales orders and associated lead sources will appear.

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