Wednesday, June 19, 2019

UPS Services Available in NetSuite Canada Edition

When using the Canadian Edition of NetSuite the available Real-Time Rates available are limited and can not include US based rates.

For accounts in Canada UPS supports the following services:
- UPS Express
- UPS Worldwide Expedited
- UPS Standard
- UPS 3 Day Select
- UPS Saver /or UPS Express Saver
- UPS Express Early A.M.

UPS Ground is only supported for the following shipments:
- Originating in Puerto Rico
- Originating in United States
- United States domestic

For the ability to create UPS Ground Shipping Item in NetSuite Canada version there is an enhancement request. Please see Enhancement 174791: NetSuite Canada: - Ability to create shipping items available in USA accounts if the ship from location and carrier account is in USA.

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