Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ability to make the Sales Rep field available in both Edit/View Mode when accessing a Transaction Record

If a user access a Sales Order (in View Mode), the Sales Rep field is visible in the Main Body of the Transaction. However, if they Edit the Transaction, the Sales Rep field disappears from the Main Body.


This is caused by the Team Selling feature wherein it hides the Sales Rep field from the Main Body so that the user can assign a sales rep in the Sales Team tab on the Transaction.


Here are the steps in disabling the Team Selling feature:

            1. As Administrator navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

            2. In CRM tab, set Team Selling= F.

            3. Click Save.


Note: To know more about the implication in disabling Team Selling, please refer to SuiteAnswer id: 27269, Sales Rep assignment when Team Selling feature is disabled.

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