Monday, July 1, 2019

Automatically Set the Logged in User as Sales Rep in Sales Order or Cash Sale via Workflow

By design, NetSuite sets the sales rep associated with the customer record at Lists > Relationships > Customers. If a different sales rep needs to be assigned to the transaction, users must manually specify the sales rep.

As an alternate solution, create a Workflow that automatically sets the Sales Rep field as the logged in user when creating Sales Orders or Cash Sales:

SuiteFlow must be enabled under Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud tab > SuiteScript section.
- This will apply if Team Selling feature is not enabled. According to our FAQ: Workflow (
Answer Id: 8078) documentation, "At this time, sublists and their fields are not accessible using the Workflow Manager."

1. As an Administrator, navigate to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New
2. Enter a Name, for example "Set Sales Rep to Logged In User"
3. Set Record Type = Transaction
4. Set Sub Types = Cash Sale and Sales Order
5. Set Execute as Admin = True
6. Set Release Status = Released
7. In the Initiation section, mark Event Based
8. In the Event Definition section, mark On Create
9. Set Trigger Type = Before Record Load

10. In the Condition area, mark the Visual Builder radio button

11. Open Visual Builder

12. In the Record column, select User

13. In the Field column, select Is Sales Rep

14. In the Compare Type column, select checked
15. Click Save

16. Click New State
17. Enter a Name
18. Click Save
19. Click New Action
20. Click Set Field Value
21. Set Trigger On = After Field Edit
22. Set Client Fields = Customer

23. In the Parameters section, set Field = Sales Rep
24. In the Value section, mark From Field
25. Set Record = Current Record
26. Set Field = User
27. Click Save


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