Monday, July 15, 2019

Card State in the Credit Cards subtab of the Financial tab in the Customer Record

For 2014.1, a new field is added on the Credit Cards subtab of the Financial tab of a Customer Record which is the Card State. The following are the Credit Card Descriptions:

1.    Unknown
This state is used once credit card is created or updated.

2.    OK
This state indicates, that last authorization was successful and card is absolutely valid

3.    Invalid
This is situation once credit card expires and is replaced by a card with different PAN. Payments cannot be processed but this card can still be updated.

4.    Expired
Once credit card expires, but recurring billing can be still processed through with adjusted expiration (transaction.Adjusted expiration date=T)
(Expired credit card is replaced by new card that has same PAN but different expiration date, so the credit card still can be used for recurring billing purposes.)

5.    Closed // will be in use after Feature 5191 Card Updater
This is final state. It indicates that this card should not be used. System will not try to update cards in this state, otherwise merchant would be charged for repeatedly sending closed cards.
Editing of credit card record doesn't make sense, so the system will prevent users doing it.

6.    Contact cardholder // will be in use after Feature 5191 Card Updater
This means that cardholder is unsubcribed from card updater service. His card cannot be updated.

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