Monday, July 15, 2019

CSV Import to update Department Field on the Line Items of an Invoice

A. Prepare the CSV file for the import

The CSV file must have the following:

a. Internal ID of the Invoice

b. Line ID – this is used to reference the Line Item to be updated and this could be obtained through a Saved Search

c. Department

B. Perform the Import

1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records

    Import Type = Transactions

    Record Type = Invoice

2. Click Select, choose the file for the import and click Next.

3. Set Data Handling to Update and click Next.

4. Map the following fields:

    Internal ID = Internal ID

    Line ID = Items : Order Line (expand the Invoice Items folder)

    Department = Items : Department (expand the Invoice Items folder)

Note: Click on the pencil icon to set a Default Value for the Department. If using the Internal ID of the Department, click on the pencil icon and set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID.

5. Click Next

6. Enter an Import Map Name and click Save & Run or simply click Run.

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