Saturday, July 13, 2019

Commissionable Item Search does not have Item Joint Fields

To filter the Commisionable Item Search based on a field available on the item record, user must create a custom transaction column field.

In this example, the the Custom Transaction Column Field will source out a custom Item field from the Item record. It is called Size/Color (Custom).

Note: Standard Item Fields may also be sourced.

1. Navigate to Setup>Customization>Transaction Column Fields>New.
2. Set Type=List/Record > On the List/Record field, set this to:

a. Size/Color (Custom) field:
--- Label=Trx Size/Color

---List/Record=Size/Color (Custom)

---Applies To: Sale Item

---Sourcing & Filtering tab > Source List=Item > then Source From=Size/Color (Custom)

3. On the Display tab, they can choose to set this to Normal or Hidden. This depends on how user want to see it on transaction forms.

4. Click Save & Apply to Forms.

5. Mark the Custom Form Names Show box as required. Click Save.

**** To create a Commissionable Item Search:
5. Navigate to Lists>Search>Saved Searches>New>Commisionable Item.
6. Under the Criteria set this:

-- Trx Size/Color (Custom) = XXXX

7. Under the Results tab, add the custom field Size/Color (Custom) and all other fields as required.
8. Click Save & Run.

9. Navigate to Transactions>Sales>Create Invoices. Select any valid Customer.
10. Under the Items tab, select a valid Item that has a set Size/Color (Custom) field value.

Note: If Display Type=Normal, they should see the values coming up on the column from the Item record.

11. Enter all mandatory fields. Under Sales Team or Sales Rep field, select an Employee record that is set up with a Commission Plan based on your Search.

12. Click on Save.

13. Go to Lists>Commissions>Commission Plans > click the link to the existing plan for this search. Go to Setup>Period Calculations tab. 

There should be a commission amount calculated here based from the search and Commission Schedule.

Please see related topics on how to create Commission Schedule based on a Commissionable Item Search (Creating an Employee Commission Schedule).


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