Saturday, July 13, 2019

Enforce Subsidiay Restrictions on Custom Record that has as Parent a List/Record of Case

A custom record has been created having the following fields defined:

  • Case with Type = List/Record of Record Case
  • Subsidiary with Type = List/Record of Record Subsidiary with Apply Role restrictions checked (to restrict the list of records and show only the ones linked to role's subsidiary).
Setting for Subsidiary field the Sourcing & Filtering: Source List = Case, Source From = Subsidiary returns the message 'The list or record type must match the list or record type of the field you are sourcing from ()'.

Alternate solution:
Source the Customer on the custom record and from it source the subsidiary:

  1. Add a new field on the record: Customer of type List/Record Customer, with Sourcing & Filtering set to Source List=Case, Source From=Customer
  2. Edit the Sourcing & Filtering for the Subsidiary field and set Source List=Customer, Source From=Subsidiary

The Defect 280314 has been raised to address this issue and be able to directly source the Subsidiary from the Case.

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