Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CyberSource Reason Code = 231

CyberSource Reason Code = 231 Invalid account number. Possible action: Request a different card or other form of payment.


Reason: Invalid Card type.



1. Sales Order > on Billing tab, Payment Method field = incorrect type selected

2. Check assigned Payment Method on both Customer Record and Transaction.

            a. Customer Record > Financial > Credit Cards

            b. Transaction > Billing tab > Payment Method field.


To correct this problem:

1.    Validate Credit Card Type of customer.

2.    Re-assign credit card to correct Payment Method type (Both Customer record and Transaction)

3.    If no other payment method > add one:


a.     Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists > New > click Payment Method link.

b.    Enter Payment Method (i.e. VISA) > Credit Card = T > Supporting Merchant Accounts = select applicable merchant.

c.     Group with Undeposited Funds or Deposit To > select Account.

d.    Hit Save.


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