Friday, July 12, 2019

Fixed Assets: Behavior of Multiple Queue Support for Asset Depreciation

The MultipleQueue Support for Asset Depreciation is executed within a singleinstance of an Asset Depreciation. This is in conjunction withthe Queue Limit entered in the FAM - System Setup.By default, this value is set to 1000 which you can lower down to enable morequeues running at the same time.

To illustrate,assume that Queue Limit = 1000 and create multiple scriptdeployment for FAM BG Process SS using Queue# 1 - 10:

1.                   Run AssetDepreciation# 1 (Total = 5000)

2.                   Run AssetDepreciation# 2 (Total = 3000)

At this point,only the first Asset Depreciation is executed but will besplit into 5 queues (of 1000 each based on the Queue Limit). Then, when thefirst depreciation is completed the system will go over the second instance butwill be split into 3 queues (again of 1000 each). This design is based on QAtests that splitting queues within each instance will complete the queued tasksfaster compared to splitting the queues in multiple instances. Also, AssetDepreciation is generally executed once within a certain period.

To changethe Queue Limit, you can go to Customization > Lists,Records, & Fields. Then go to FAM - Sytem Setup>List andhit on Edit. Finally, go to Settings > Queue Limit changethe value in the Queue Limit.

**This is onlyapplicable for NetSuite Accounts with SuiteCloud license.


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