Monday, July 15, 2019

Imported Depreciation History Records are not showing up in the Asset Record


1.    Verify if the Depreciation History records were imported.

a.     Navigate to Fixed Assets > Searches > Additions.

b.    Click the List link in the upper right corner.

c.     Set the Quick Sort filter to Recently Created.


2.    Once the records have been confirmed as added, check whether they are associated with an asset record. There should be an asset set in the Asset field.


3.    To correct the Depreciation History records, a user may perform a CSV import to update them and set an asset in the Asset field.


4.    Prepare a CSV file with the following column headers:

a.     Internal ID of Depreciation History

b.    Internal ID of Asset


5.    Perform the import:

a.     Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

                                          i.    Import Type: Custom Records.

                                         ii.    Record Type: FAM – Depreciation History

                                        iii.    Browse the file from where it is saved and click Next.

b.    In the Data Handling, choose Update.

c.     Map the following fields in the Field Mapping:

                                          i.    Internal ID of Depreciation History – Internal ID

                                         ii.    Internal ID of Asset – Asset

d.    Click the pencil icon beside the Internal ID of Asset and mark the Choose Reference Type. From the drop-down, choose Internal ID and click Done.

e.    Click Next.

f.      Enter an Import Map Name.

g.    Click Save & Run.

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