Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lot On Hand are Displayed under Incorrect Location on Item Record's Inventory Detail Tab

Item record > Inventory Detail tab > Lot On Hand are displayed under incorrect Location 


When viewing a Lot Numbered Item record > Inventory Detail tab, Lot On Hand should always be displayed under a Location on which it was received.


There are instances when Lot On Hand is displayed under a Location different on what is set on the Item Receipt.

- This happens when Location on the related Purchase Order was unset then received and was set to another Location afterwards.


Doing so may result to Lot Numbers being stuck on the original Location.


To resolve:

1) Edit the Item Receipt in question and temporarily unmark 'Receive' check box and unset the value on 'To Location' column.

2) Set it back again to a Location where it should be received (similar to the Location set on the Purchase Order) then Save.


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