Thursday, November 15, 2018

Integrate NetSuite Data into Adaptive Insights

This article is intended for accounts integrated with Adaptive Insights, NetSuite's partner in delivering financial management solutions.

A user with NetSuite Setup Administrative permission can create the association between Adaptive Insights model and NetSuite account. Setting up NetSuite Integration is a onetime event for each company. It requires the Account ID of the NetSuite account, and the e-mail address and password for the NetSuite user with the Administrative role in that company.

1. First, determine which NetSuite user account (with the Administrative role) will be used for the Integration. This can be either an existing NetSuite users with the Administrative role, or new dummy user can be created specifically for the NetSuite/Adaptive Insights integration. Creating a new dummy user is recommended, so that the NetSuite integration is not tied to the permissions and/or existence of a specific NetSuite user. The dummy user can be monitored and controlled separately from other users. This way, the integration can be disabled without disabling a real user, and a real user can be disabled without damaging the integration.

Note: The dummy role must have administrative capabilities to initialize the integration, but during the company's regular operation, the dummy role does not require administrative permissions.

2. From the Administration/System screen, navigate to Admin > Setup > NetSuite Setup 

3. Enter the following required fields:

Account ID

Role ID

System Type


The Account ID can be found in the NetSuite User Interface under Support > SuiteAnswers portlet. Click Visit the SuiteAnswers Site button. In SuiteAnswers screen, click Contact Support by Phone. The account number will appear in a pop-up box.

The Role ID field is optional. Enter a Role ID if the import is to be performed by a user with a role other than Administrator. ( (This refers to the NetSuite Role Internal ID). 

4. After accomplishing the fields above, click Save. When Save is clicked, Adaptive Insightgs will connect with NetSuite to establish the integration. If the connection is successful, the screen will confirm the integration and display the NetSuite Account ID. If the connection fails, this screen will display an error message with a description of the issue.

For security purposes, NetSuite passwords and email addresses are not stored in Adaptive Insights.


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