Monday, March 9, 2020

CSV Import: Sales Order > Error: Invalid item reference key xx.


1. The CSV Import file shouldcontain the same Item Name format as shown in Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders > Items tab > Items subtab> Item drop down field. 

2. Internal ID can also beused instead of Item Name. Just make sure that on the field mapping page, clickon the pencil icon beside the Item field and ChooseReference Type = Internal ID.

3. Verify if theItem is Inactive. If the Item record is inactive, set it to active statusbefore importing.

-Navigate to Lists > Accounting Items.

-Check the ShowInactives box.

-Uncheck the Inactive boxbeside the Item Name.

-Click on Submit.


  1. could i ask you if you have online training or book for learning basics of netsuite adminstration and suite script 1.0?

  2. This is very useful. Thank you for sharing!