Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Fixed Asset Summary and Asset Register Acquisition/Cost Amount do not match

1. Navigate to Fixed Assets> Reports> Asset Register> select Asset Type (ex. Furnitures & Fixtures) ; Subsidiary ; select date range for Period Start & End Date
      Note: Asset Register Report lists each FAM Asset Name (ID) of the Asset Type selected and their acquisition cost for the period covered.
2. Navigate to Fixed Assets> Reports> Asset Summary> select Asset Type; Subsidiary ; select date range for Period Start & End Date
           Note: Asset Summary Report only displays the total cost as per Asset Type.
3. Generate Period Movement report to verify the calculation of the amount displayed on the Asset Summary report.
- Navigate to Fixed Assets> Searches> Period Movement and select same Period. Asset Type and Subsidiary
4. Compare the Period Movement report against the Asset Register report to determine the FAM Assets ID/Name for the specific Asset Type and the discrepancy of each cost.
5. Navigate to Fixed Assets> Lists> Assets> Select the FAM Asset that caused the discrepancy.
6. On the General tab, note the Subsidiary selected
7. On the Depreciation History tab> click Edit link for the Acquisition Transaction Type record.
8. Compare and correct the subsi

diary selected on the record against the associated Journal indicated on Posting Reference field of the same record.

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