Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Difference Between nlapiRequestURL, nlapiResolveURL, and nlapiSetRedirectURL

Duration: 8 minutes

This article describes main differences and relation between functions ofApplication Navigation APIs.


  • Retrieves content of specified URL and returns it as nlobjResponse
  • URL can be generated using nlapiResolveURL()
  • Works in all types of scripts (behavior depends whether it is called from client-side or server-side script)


  • Returns URL string containing link to NetSuite internal resource or to a Suitelet
  • Works in all types of scripts


  • Performs redirect to internal NetSuite resource or external URL
  • This function is supported only in user-event scripts and Suitelets
  • Typical usage is to redirect user to different page after record is saved

Detailed description of all functions can be found in the followingdocumentation article:
Application Navigation APIs (ID10246).

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