Thursday, May 16, 2019

Custom Fields to Display the Last Modified Date and Last Modified By

The user wants to create custom fields to display the Last Modified Date and the Last Modified By on the customer and contact record.

A.    Create an Entity Saved Search.

1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New

2.    Select the type of record where the custom field will be added (ex: Entity)

3.    Set any filter under Criteria tab (optional).

4.    In the Results tab, add System Notes: Date and set the Summary Type to Maximum.

5.    In the Available Filters tab, add Internal ID.

6.    Provide a name for the saved search (ex: Last Modified Date)

7.    Click on Save.


B.    Create a custom entity field.

1.    Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Entity Fields > New.

2.    Provide a Label (ex: Last Modified Date).

3.    Set the Type to Free-Form Text or Date or Date/Time.

4.    Unmark the Store Value checkbox.

5.    In the Applies To tab, mark the records where the field will be added (Customer, Contact).

6.    In the Display tab, select from the Subtab dropdown

7.    In the Validation & Defaulting tab, select the saved search you have created above in the Search dropdown.

8.    Click on Save.

For the Last Modified By field, create an Entity Saved Search and add System Notes : Set in the Results tab with Summary Type = Maximum. Then create another custom entity field that sources the saved search. (For non-admin roles, this field may show up blank if the record being viewed was not saved recently, but will eventually display the correct value when the record is saved even without making any changes).


Ø  This is an alternate solution to Enhancement 116900.

Ø  This can also be applied to other records like sales orders, opportunities and custom records.

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