Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Unexpected Error when using setWhenOrderedBy method used

To resolve the Unexpected Error when using setWhenOrderedBy method on internalid Search Column of a custom Record create the Saved Search in the UI. This Saved Search can be later accessed through SuiteScript.

  1. Create Saved Search (documented in SuiteAnswers article Defining a Saved Search)
  2. Execute the Saved Search via SuiteScript (example is available in SuiteAnswers article Executing Existing Saved Searches)

Additional Alternate Solution: Copy the saved search through script, then run the copied script through UI.

Note: This is an alternate solution to Defect #268447: SuiteScript > Server Side Script with search on custom record throws UNEXPECTED ERROR when setWhenOrderedBy method is used on the internalid nlobjSearchColumn 

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