Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Default Hosting Root is being Required when using Checkout Subdomain

When users select one of the secure subdomains below, the system throws an error upon saving even if the Default Hosting Root field is not mandatory:

Select a Default Hosting Root if you plan to use a checkout subdomain

  1. securedcheckout.com or na1.securedcheckout.com
  2. onlinecheckout.com or na1.onlinecheckout.com
  3. webstorecheckout.com or na1.webstorecheckout.com
  4. suitecheckout.com or na1.suitecheckout.com

Before saving the website record, users should select a default hosting root. Either Live or Staging Hosting Files.

This is applicable to both Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced editions.




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