Monday, November 5, 2018

Exporting Search Results in CSV File Shows Zero Values

  • Most of the users want to see their reports on worksheets and one way to achieve this is by exporting the results to CSV file.
  • There are instances wherein the saved search returns several results when viewed through UI, but when exporting them only shows one row in the CSV file with zero values
  • Below are the steps to check and correct an exported CSV file from report which displays only one row with all zero values:
  1. As administrator, check the saved search that is having a problem.
  2. Under Available Filters tab, check if there are fields under it. If there are, check those fields against fields under the Criteria tab.
  3. The fields set as criteria should not be set as an available filter. Decide whether it will be removed from the criteria or the available filters tab. The field should only be found on one of the said tabs and not both of them.
  4. Save and rerun the search.
  5. Export search results and it should already show all results and column values in the CSV file.

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