Friday, January 18, 2019

Creating a Saved Search to track total amount of allocated Landed Cost per Cost Category

Currently,there is no standard Report / Search yet to summarize total amount ofLanded Cost that has been allocatedto Inventory. As an alternatesolution, user can create this SavedSearch to show the Total Amountper Landed Cost Category that hasalready been applied / allocated to Inventory.

1.   Navigate to Transactions>Management>Saved Searches>New

2.   Select Transaction

3.   On the Criteriatab:

Add Accountis Inventory Asset
Add Type is Item Receipt
Add Formula(Text) = {memo} contains':'

4.   On the Resultstab:

Add Date
Add Type
Add Number
Add Item
Add Amount
Add Formula(Text) = SUBSTR({memo}, 0, INSTR({memo}, ':')-1)

5.   Still on the Resultstab select the following Summary Type:Item is Group, Amount is Sum and Formula(Text) is Group

6.   Click Saveand Run

Please note that ifuser is using a different Asset Accountfor Inventory, then user would needto replace Inventory Asset with Asset Account on step 3.

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