Saturday, April 27, 2019

Behavior of Save and Bill Button in Item Fulfillment Page

There are five options when saving an Item Fulfillment transaction:


a.     Save

b.    Save & Bill

c.     Save & New

d.     Save & Print

e.     Save & Print Label


Save & Bill – Take note that Save & Bill option doesn't automatically create a Bill or Invoice. The following are created when Save & Bill is clicked.


1.     This will save the transaction fulfillment and will direct to the New Invoice page.

2.     Customer name is already filled-in in the New Invoice page.

3.     The Sales Order is automatically linked to the "Created From" field

4.     Line Items in Fulfillment page are populated to the Items tab of the New Invoice page.


Save & Bill option directs the data from Item Fulfillment page to New Invoice page. This does not create the Bill automatically. The Bill has still to be Saved in order to generate the Bill number.


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