Monday, September 10, 2018

Allow Shoppers to Enter Custom Message on the Review & Submit Page during Checkout

This solution will allow web shoppers to enter custommessages before they submit their order on the Web Store. The custom messagewill then appear on the sales order that will be generated in NetSuite. Thissolution is useful for Web Store that allows their shopper to enter messagesfor their purchase, additional instructions or feedback.

1. Create a new Transaction Body Field bynavigating to :  Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Transaction Body Fields > New

2. Set the following fields:

a.    Label = Enter preferred label for thefield. This label will appear on both the Review & Submit page and on thesales order form.

b.   Type = Free-Form Text

c.    Applies To tab = Sales & Web Store mustbe checked

Note:user may also check other options if field prefers to be displayed on othertransaction forms

d.   Display tab = user can select on where thecustom field will appear on the Sales Order form. By default, it will displayunder the Custom tab of the Sales Order form but user can change this by changingeither the Insert Before or Subtab value.

e.   Save

To view the field:

1. Shopper goes to the Web Store and adds anitem to the cart.

2. Fromthe Shopping Cart, click on Proceed to Checkout and enter all the necessary information.

3. On the Review & Submit page, customfield created will be displayed. Once shopper fills out the field and clicks onSubmit Order – a sales order will be generated in NetSuite

4. User can check the Sales Order formgenerated – custom message/field is displayed under the Custom Tab or dependingon which location on the sales order form user sets it to be displayed (step2.d)

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